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The Wellness Driven Life Show is the perfect platform shared with top performers, breakthrough thought leaders, and earth-shattering innovators. It begins within and then leading by example to evolve our world. Maybe you have a powerful Wellness-Driven story or an innovative project to share and raise our planet's people. If this is you, then we want to know about you!

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Guest Testimonials

"April has a very welcoming freestyle flow with unusually acute insights, so it was great to riff across a wide range of subjects."

~ Lee Sidebottom - Renowned Neuroscience Expert

“April, I loved it!

You were a really good interviewer for me. Thanks.  Some people don't really know what to ask or how to talk to me, and they tend to focus on my uniqueness of me which kinda shits me. I'm normal. I just have an abnormal life.  You did really well! It was great. I hope you get great results!.”

~ Carmel Bell, Medical Intuitive

What a great time I had on April's podcast.

I've been fortunate to be on over 200 podcasts in the last few years, and it's rare to find one that is run as professionally as The Wellness Driven Show.

From beginning to end, the quality of the production and our conversation were amazing. April obviously does her homework and her research and asks insightful questions, the kind that makes listening to this podcast a worthwhile endeavor!

Put this one on your list to follow. You will be glad you did."

~ Ken Rusk Author Blue Collar Cash

"Some podcasts are just better than others. 

Yes, we all know this. I want to let you know April Chavez, Host of The Wellness Driven Life Show, is one of the best. I was honored to be a guest. The knowledge April had on my topic, and the compassion to want to know all about what I am doing and stand for was incredible. April is genuine, and it comes across as you visit with her. The Wellness Driven Life Show is one I highly recommend listening to and being a guest if you can. Excellent work, April Great Job!!!"

~ Karen Comba Author, International Speaker | Mental Health Advocate

“That this was the best, most thoughtful, most FUN, most impactful podcast I’ve done.” 

“My friend Jeff Johnston of Living Undeterred introduced me to the truly incomparable April Chavez. I did her podcast a while back, and it was terrific. She hosts The Wellness Driven Show, and of course, I had the opportunity to talk about my film, Women and OUD, and discuss a myriad of other topics. It was a great conversation, and we had a blast. She is known as the microphone maven, and with good reason!!! I’ve done quite a bit of these by now, and I can say without hesitation that this was the best, most thoughtful, most FUN, most impactful podcast I’ve done.” 

~ Debra Gonsher Vinik, Ph.D.

Diva Communications, Inc.

“The energy April has is contagious, and her passion for living a wellness-driven lifestyle is much needed in this day and age.

Her guests are highly knowledgeable and add great value that can help listeners learn practical ways to improve their lives. I highly recommend tuning into the Wellness Driven Life Show with an incredible host, April Chavez!"

~ Author & Success Coach, Carrie L. Schmidt

When people are invited to be interviewed on any podcast or show, they aim to share their stories and information to benefit and help others.

April Chavez has a warm, comfortable style of bringing the best out of her guests. Her Bubbly Attitude and Smile make you feel right at home. She asked insightful questions that kept me focused and allowed me to share my “Change Your Attitude – Change Your Life” beliefs. She ensured that my books and what I do were highlighted and brought into the conversation with pointed questions about each. It was an honor and delight to be a guest on “The Wellness Driven Life Show.” April Chaves is helping many others by focusing on living a better life. "

Blessings and Gratitude from "The Attitude Guru"  

~ Fred Kienle

"As a keynote speaker working with clients worldwide, I get regular invites to be a guest on podcasts—some I accept, and others I don’t.

From her first connection to the interview, April Chavez was the consummate professional. Her hospitality and attention to detail were very welcoming. Her questions and easy-flowing style made it very easy to chat. I could have talked all night!! The high quality of show production made me very proud to be involved. It may be early days for The Wellness Driven Life Show, but its future is bright.”

Best Regards,

~ Alan O’Neill, International Leader | Keynote Speaker

"I had a great time sharing my story at the Wellness Driven Life Show hosted by April as it felt like I was speaking to a friend during the call.

She made the conversation feel smooth and she consistently found the message to takeaway for the audience which allowed me to make easy transitions into other stories. I also learned a lot from her behind the scenes by relaxing and being my auth entic self. I'm happy to be hosted by April in my first podcast interview!"

~ Regards, Tadaaki

Sometimes, a gift is presented to you for no other reason than pure love. At such times, even if you are a person who loves to communicate, experiences like this steal your words.

Now, that is present. But what if the moment you receive your present, you spend an entire hour being showered and receiving more gifts of love…In a few words, that was my experience at “The Wellness Driven Life Show” I desire to get opportunities like this to share my story. Never fathom the idea of being treated like royalty. The only thing I had and have going for me is I am a child of the King. I know I belong to the royal family… still April Chavez has such a gentle way of embracing me the minute it went on air; very quickly, I knew it would be an incredible hour. I had been in the clouds the minute I got my invitation; I thought that was the best until I was behind my computer talking to her. Although I was there to share my story, in my mind, that took a secondary place as the way I was being loved blew my mind away. I will share an example of what I say here. This will give you an idea. While April read my poem, I was saying to myself; WOW! What a poem, the words, the melody they carried… I want that poem...At that moment, “The Message” wasn’t the poem I wrote; it was the Poem April had just read. April, you have always been a gift for the ones around you. You have so much love to give that you have been allowed to expand the ones you bless. Thanks for sharing your gift. For an hour, I was interviewed by one of the biggest, most incredible hosts I have ever heard. One of these is to be the writer of a poem Another is to be the voice of the poem. Thanks for your rendition." 

~ Carlos W. Fernandez, Life Coach | Author

"I absolutely loved being on The Wellness Driven Life Show.

Not only is April’s positive energy infectious, but she also has a gift of asking the perfect questions that lead the conversation to provoke insight and helpful takeaways for the audience. It was indeed a pleasure and an honor!" 

~ Eva Selhub, MD - Resilience Experts, LLC


"The Wellness Driven Life Show is the entrance to an open world!

April speaks from a heart-centered perspective, grounding and bringing excellent points for inquiry and open discourse. Her guests cover a wide range, from science to mental health, wellness, and spiritual ideas, ushering in a holistic perspective that connects many audiences. I greatly enjoyed being a guest on the show, discussing the higher ideas of mind with April as we ventured into the world of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Eastern Philosophy covered in the SelfPerpetual workshop series while diving into and unfolding the Science of Self."

It was an honor,

~ Daniel Martin Rynerson

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