April Chavez

Igniting Minds, Embracing Hearts, and Piquing Curiosity:

Your Engaging Driver on the Fast Lane to Achievement!  

“I have successfully led in two of the top ten most dangerous career fields on earth, survived numerous near-death situations within those fields, and battled an autoimmune disease, and nothing has brought me closer to death than the emotional turmoil of my perception of situations and events which turned into beliefs.”

~ April Chavez

Speaking Topics


Transitioning Careers: April shares her transition from law enforcement to the wellness industry, providing actionable tips and insights for those looking to make a career shift.

Creating Impact: April discusses how she used her personal experiences and passion for wellness to start a business that positively impacts people's lives.

The Journey of Starting a Business: April provides an honest account of the challenges and rewards of starting a business, offering practical advice for budding entrepreneurs.


A Holistic Approach: April discusses the importance of viewing wellness as a holistic concept, incorporating spiritual, intellectual, and physical health.

The Power of Lifestyle Choices: April shares her insights on how small changes in daily routines can significantly improve overall health outcomes.

Living with Lupus: Drawing from her personal experience, April talks about managing a chronic condition and the role of wellness in disease management.

Performance Coaching

Neuroplasticity Principles: April explores the concept of neuroplasticity, explaining how understanding and leveraging this principle can lead to significant improvements in performance.

Relaxation Techniques: April introduces various relaxation techniques, discusses their benefits, and demonstrates how they can be incorporated into daily routines.

Creating High-performance Habits: April shares her strategies for developing habits that boost productivity and performance, drawing on her experience as a performance coach.


"We had the pleasure of being in the audience for April's dynamic Thought-Leader talk in Fort Worth, and it's no wonder she's highly sought as a coach, speaker, and wellness advocate.

Highly recommended!"

~ Mariah & Byron Edgington

Authors of the Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough book series.

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