April & Manlee Chavez

Driven Livin' CEO & Co-Founder

Driven Livin' LLC, led by the dynamic duo April and Manlee Chavez, is a beacon of wellness advocacy. We're passionate about empowering individuals through personal development, leveraging the world's most innovative resources, sciences, and minds. We believe in the power of continuous evolution, shaping our reality and positively impacting those around us.

Our unique approach bridges the gap between life's spiritual, intellectual, and physical aspects. We understand that true fulfillment comes from aligning these three pillars and living in a state of wholeness. This holistic perspective drives us to raise the standards of evolution together, emerging poised and connected through the excitement of discovery and tenacity.

Aside from Driven Livin', we operate The Wellness Driven Life Show and April Chavez Performance Coaching. The talk show "Where You're About to Go on a Wellness-Driven Ride!" is a dynamic platform that bridges the gap between science and lifestyle, redefining the future of living well. Every weekday at 3:45 PM CST, we engage with the world's top experts, pioneers, champions, and innovators in a live, real-time setting—a feature that sets us apart from other talk shows.

April Chavez, the host of The Wellness Driven Life Show, is an experienced hypnotherapist with extensive credentials in wellness. Her ability to connect with listeners intimately and eloquently simplifies complex wellness ideas, making them inclusive and understandable. Her husband, Manlee Chavez, brings his psychology degree and years of performance coaching experience. His strategic mind ensures each episode is a symphony of inspiring content. Together, they create a perfect balance, embodying resilience, dedication, and a profound desire to effect change.

Your journey to wellness starts here, with Driven Livin'. Tune in and embark on a wellness-driven ride—an immersive journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Join us in this evolution and discover the joy of discovery and tenacity.

Be Driven.

Be Livin'.

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